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Weekly WorPress WrapUp- July 22nd 2016

  Here’s another reliable guide for your wordpress website’s SEO ranking by This article is already an update which has been kept up to date with best practices of WordPress SEO.     WordPress offers so many features which also changes from time to time. With these numbers of [...]

Weekly WordPress WrapUp- July 15th 2016

The purpose of this article by tipsandtricks-hq is to talk about how to keep web images lean so it won’t be the main reason why pages load slowly. This article is particular and focused on WordPress users. This article is about giving WordPress users a comprehensive guide in choosing the [...]

Weekly WordPress WrapUp- July 8th, 2016

  Author Daniel Pataki listed and compiled his own tips and tricks about WordPress. These techniques according to him are clever, handy, fun or best practices rarely followed. In this article, Pataki hoped that everyone find something new on his list.     There are thousands and thousands of new articles [...]

Weekly WordPress WrapUp- June 24th 2016

How to Create a Multi-Page Form in WordPress-   By using forms, website owners will get an easy way to connect with their users. Some forms are quite lengthy which results to abandonment by the users. In this tutorial by, it teaches us to create an effective multi [...]

Weekly WordPress WrapUp- June 16th 2016

How to set default wordpress admin editor as visual-   wptricks24 shared a code by posting this article. The code will help wordpress websites owner to solve an issue of making contents that often shows or opens up with its html or text version.     This article give a [...]

Weekly WordPress WrapUp- June 10th 2016

  Dealing with Wordpress is not always a happy day, there are also some annoying things that you will encounter. With this post from, it will teach us how to to deal with these annoying things and also how to resolve them.   There are so many WordPress themes [...]

Weekly WordPress WrapUP- June 3rd 2016

Use SearchWP & Genesis to Create a WordPress Image Search Engine-   This is a review about a new search plugin created by Jonathan Cristopher which has a lot more features for a number of reasons. He created this plugin to instantly improve your WordPress search engine.   When you [...]

Weekly WordPress WrapUp- May 27th 2016

  To track and analyze your website traffic, Google Analytics is what you need. This comprehensive guide from wpmudev will help you understand your WordPress site. If you are not using Google Analytics yet, a step by step guide is also provided.   Plugins are also important for your comment [...]

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