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Weekly WrapUp Post November 25th 2016

Though wordpress comment section is limited to text only, you can also allow attachments to be posted. In this article, it shows a guide on how to allow your audience to add attachments to the comments they make in your post in wordpress.   Google is very popular with those [...]

Weekly WordPress WrapUp Post November 18th 2016

To attract consistent traffic and also to generate more revenue in an online business, it is an effective idea that you will have a massive mailing list. This article is one comprehensive guide in order to know the relevance of having this list and how to use it effectively. This [...]

Weekly WordPress WrapUp November 11th 2016

It also important that you include a featured image for your blog to make it more appealing. And if you want to use an image from another Url, It is also possible to use external image for your WordPress blog. This article will show you how to do it in [...]

Weekly WordPress WrapUp November 4th 2016

This article will teach you the importance of building an email list. It is this article’s purpose of teaching you why you should build an email news letters, the kind of newsletters that you will build and also email tool suggestions and plugins to get you started.   The articles [...]

Weekly WordPress WrapUp October 28th 2016

It is very important to have an email list for your online business. This is because you can give you the opportunity to have a direct access to your audiences who are interested with your business. This article will give you a list of best newsletter plugins which you can [...]

Weekly WordPress WrapUp October 21st 2016

If you are wondering on how to capture leads in real time, adding a live chat tool to your website or blog is the most perfect and convenient way. This way, you will be able to identify in real time the visitor’s geographical source, page browsed and current page. And [...]

Weekly WordPress WrapUp October 14th 2016

There are frequent edits you need to make when you have a published post in your website. In this article, you will know how to properly update live published post in your wordpress website as well as knowing the problems with updating live post.   A parse error syntax error [...]

Weekly WorPress WrapUp Post – October 7th 2016

  There are so many tools to choose from when making your WordPress website for your business. These tools will supercharge your website for the benefit of both you and your audiences. This article will show you these super tools to get the best out of your website.   Without [...]

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