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" RMB 2000 a spoonful of salt "

Borrowing from 2,000 yuan venture firm will write a messenger, to the "2000 dollars a spoonful of salt," realize the importance of technology transfer in the development of each section of the course, are full of wonderful stories about the struggle and exploration.

1986October 1986 Established small family soap with 2000 yuan loan.
1988Established XiaoShan Ningwei Textile Auxiliaries Company.
1990Special Oil Remover 901 successfully developed.
1992The company changed its name to "Hangzhou Transfar Chemical Co.,LTD."
2000May 2000 The General Sectetary of the CPC Central Committee Jiang Zemin inspected Transfar.
2001July 2001 Zhenjiang Transfar Co, Ltd was set up.
2004June 2004 The shares of Zhejiang Transfar Co., Ltd. is listed in Shenzhen stock exchange.
2005Transfar won the "2005 China 25 to respected listed companies"
2006Transfar won the “2005 China 25 to respected listed companies”, “Chinese listed company best managment 100 strong”.
2007Transfar held the shares of Jinji Dyestuff and began to march in dyes industry.
2008January 2008 Transfar became printing and dyeing auxiliaries branch secretariat unit of the National Dyes Standardization Techniacl Committee.
September 2008 Transfar was awarded national key high-tech enterprise.
2009August 2009 Transfar test center passed the CANS authentication.Transfar textile testing achieved with international standards.
2010July 2010 Transfar succeeded with directional 41.19 million shares, raising money 523million with unit price 12.69 yuan.
2012Zhejiang dushan polyester resin industry base was officially signed and started building.
2013Synthetic material industry base was finished to start producing.
2014Zhejiang Transfar co., Ltd has become national development basement of textile chemicals and has become the r&d basement of textile chemicals. 
2015In 2015-- Polyester resin industry base (Jiaxing)  was finished to start producing. Hunter Biotech is listed on the New Third Board.Technical center of Zhejiang Transfar co., Ltd has been successfully recognized as nation-level technical center. Transfar shares acquired Shanghai Yu Hui Chemical Co. Ltd.
2016Transfar Zhilian Co., Ltd. acquired Tanatex Chemicals with 100% equity.
Transfar Group held its 30th anniversary celebration.
2017a national key R&D project “key technology research and industrialized demonstration of non-aqueous medium dyeing” was launched.
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