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Transfar Chemicals boasts a sound R&D basis for new products and technologies. It is home to Transfar Textile Chemicals National High-tech R&D Center approved by Zhejiang Science and Technology Department, Zhejiang Provincial Enterprise Technological Center approved by Zhejiang Provincial Commission of Economy and Information Technology, Zhejiang Printing and Dyeing Auxiliary High-tech R&D Center approved by Hangzhou Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, Transfar Research Institute, Polymers Research Institute, Surfactant Research Institute, Fluorin Silicon Material Research Institute, Functional Auxiliary Research Institute, Printing Auxiliary Research Institute, Organic Polymerization Research Institute, Dyeing & Finishing Process Research Institute, Analysis & Testing Center, post-doctoral work stations etc..

Transfar Chemicals accords great important to technological progress by formulating a series of technological innovation rules to effectively motive R&D personnel for their creativity. Every year, the meeting is held for the planning of products and technology innovation, and the improvement of performance assessment methods for technological innovation and incentives for R&D personnel so as to ensure the breakdown and implementation of the plans.

Transfar Chemicals, guided by a clear development path and vision, always develops in a stable, healthy and sustainable way. It has set up departments in charge of making technological development strategy and technological innovation plans, technical standard and patent management, statistics, professional technical training, foreign technical cooperation, information collecting and utilization for a sound organizational guarantee for technological innovation. It has fostered the product sales model backed by technical service and support, and established long-term and stable business cooperation relations with large customers. Its sales network covers all intensive areas of textile printing and dyeing industry in China. Some products are exported for the international market.

Transfar Chemicals consistently increases its tech input to develop new products, technologies, processes, and improve product quality and added-value. R&D input accounts for 3.26% of sales revenue in recent three years. It has complete sets of R&D equipment and testing device. Waste water, water gas and solid waste discharged by Transfar Chemicals meet the environmental protection standard. Facilities can meet the demands of R&D and production. Moreover, it has a strong industrialization ability to assure quality stability of new products.

Transfar Chemicals improves its R&D incentives system with the core that technological factors are involved in profit allocation. In addition to material incentives, emotional incentives of R&D personnel are also emphasized, for example, holding meetings and organize R&D personnel to visit and learn from role models. Transfar Chemicals also grants senior engineers “Life Achievement Award”, junior and progressive R&D personnel “Outstanding Contribution Award”and “Excellent Scientific & Technological Youth Talent Award”for mobilizing their passion for work. Transfar Chemicals often organizes scientific and technological training and especially making Saturday a learning day offers R&D personnel a platform for continued learning. R&D personnel are sent to visit and learn in other places to improve expertise. Thanks to the fostering of innovation talent pool and innovative culture, we can improve our R&D capacity of key and generic technologies, our ability to absorb, and re-innovate brought-in technologies, and our ability to industrialize technological results.

Transfar Chemicals also sets up united labs with research institutes and universities to improve R&D expertise and foster innovative ability. By doing so, we can speed up transforming technology into productivity. Transfar Chemicals cooperates with multinationals like Japan Daikin, Momentive, BASF, Honeywell, Rhodia, Nicca etc. successfully introduces new products to enrich product lines, so scientific and technological cooperation reaps fruitful results.  
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