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Effectiveness of innovation

Time : 2019-04-02
During the years between 2008 and 2010, many projects like “high solid content modified silicone finishing agent”, “finishing agent for dyeing and finishing in one bath”, “polyolefin anti-spatter polyester product oil”, “rapid desizing agent for continuous process” are included in “National Key New Product Plan”, “Key National Torch Plan”, province level important scientific and technical projects,and key technology innovation plan projects. The company has totally undertaken 29 scientific and technical plan projects in both national and local level, among which 22 projects have gone through govermental appraisal and acceptance of scientific and technical achievements. The company got 2 provincial level awards of scientific and technological progress and the excellent new product, 4 scientific and technological progress awards of Hangzhou City, 5 outstanding new products and technologies awards of Hangzhou City, 8 science and technology progress awards of xiaoshan district. Meanwhile, in 2008, new products sales revenue was 505.80 million RMB, accounting for 56.51% of total sales revenue; while in 2009, new products sales revenue 590.38 million RMB accounted for 66.21%; in 2010, new products sales revenue became 618.1 million RMB occupied 60.13% of total sales income. All of the ratios of new products sales revenue to total sales revenue are relatively high.

In the recent 3 years, the company has applied 27 patents, among which 10 invention patents and 3 utility model patents have been licensed, in addition, 4 invention patents received patent license notice, and 4 invention patents are in the stage of substantive examination and defence.

In the 3 recent years, the company has drafted standards and 6 company standards have been issued as national standards, 1 issued as industry standard, 28 awaiting pending approval. 17 company standards drafted have been recorded and released by Xiaoshan Branch of Hangzhou Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau.

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