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Global News,來自荷蘭拓納,從這里開始,讓我們一起走進拓納,了解拓納。



The List by INIDITEX
Inditex has worked almost for 3 years to release the new edition of the LIST. Begin September The LIST - edition IV is expected to be published by Inditex. The LIST is kind of a brochure with the portfolio of approved chemical suppliers, like TANATEX.

So our global TANATEX product portfolio with textile/fashion application purpose (excluding experimental products) will be present in The LIST - edition IV. According the Inditex guidelines, they use 3 ratings for their products, rating A, B or C, based on possible presence of restricted substances. Products with an A rating can be selected by eg. mills without any problem. Products with a B rating too, but for these products additional testing is needed (commitment for the mills). Products with C rating cannot be used, because restricted/forbidden substances by Inditex are present.

During the year the Inditex lab will do random tests of our products, to check whether our products really comply or not. Also we need to do tests ourself, like eg APEO test, MTS screening, formaldehyde presence etc. All this data will be used to assign the correct A,B or C rating. Only rating by knowing a formula is not enough. TANATEX has done a lot of work too to get the List complete. Many departments within TANATEX are working closely together to get the data available as soon as possible. This is a great achievement. When the LIST is officially published, it will be communicated.

The publication of The LIST has also impact on another trending topic: ZDHC.



In short about ZDHC:
The ZDHC Foundation oversees the implementation of the ZDHC Roadmap to Zero Programme, a collaboration of major fashion brands, value chain affiliates and associations. Together, we drive the global implementation of safer chemical management practices.

We operate with transparency, using shared values, collaboration and networking to drive change, future-proof the industry, and protect the environment. Click here for more details.

Before the summer holiday started, we informed you that TANATEX will join ZDHC.

Joining ZDHC doesn't mean we immediately have our portfolio available in their database (Gateway). First we need to deal with complicated contracts. This took some time. We’re now at the stage that paperwork has been done, and access to the Gateway will follow soon.

PSRA is the only department that will receive access to the Gateway. As soon as we have access, the TANATEX products will be activated as soon as possible. Who will have access to ZDHC Gateway ? Think of brands like Inditex, H&M, Levi’s and many other textile/fashion brands. Also certifying organisations like Bluesign, GOTS, C2C, SGS, Okotex etc. And also of course chemical suppliers (& its agents) like TANATEX.

ZDHC made an arrangement with Bluesign that all products mentioned in Bluefinder (BLUESIGN’s database) will automatically be uploaded in the Gateway. Because TANATEX is a BLUESIGN partner, our products mentioned in Bluefinder, will also become available in the ZDHC database (Gateway). Products in the Gateway are categorised in 4 different levels, level 0 is lowest rating, level 3 is highest. The TANATEX products will be listed with highest rating possible, level 3. Products with level 3 mean all kind of data is present and checked by in- & external parties.

Besides the arrangement with Bluesign, ZDHC will add Inditex’ The LIST products as soon as The LIST is published. The classified ‘A&B products’ will be uploaded to the ZDHC Gateway, at level 3. (for explanation of A&B, see Inditex article) We know H&M has also requested to have their products available in the Gateway before the end of the year. We expect no issue, as many of these products are already uploaded in Bluefinder, and otherwise present via the Inditex LIST. So we can inform you that most of our portfolio will become available in the ZDHC Gateway soon.



About certification:
At this moment we have our own created statements for our products. These are available on Sharepoint. When the product is present in the ZDHC Gateway, we will be able to have official certificates from ZDHC to show our product complies to ZDHC. Creating such certificates needs to be done one by one, so it will take some time to get them available. Once a certificate is available we will publish it on our Sharepoint. If you’re missing a certificate and it’s really urgent to have, please send your request to productsafety@tanatexchemicals.com . Please let us know why, for which customer and of course which product(s). If you have additional questions about ZDHC, please send your mail to our product safety mailbox.