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Why Should You Choose WordPress for Personal Websites?

The internet is the best way to jump start your career or to be recognized in what you had been doing. It has served as a way or leverage for the internet savvy to reach a wide array of readers. However, putting up a website is not as easy as it looks, you must take into consideration the platform you would be using for your website. In this article, it would focus more on using WordPress as a publishing platform to create your personal website.

WordPress is a platform that is popularly used to create blogs or websites, by doing one yourself, you do not constrain the information you would be able to share with others. Though Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are always there for you to promote yourself but WordPress can give you unlimited ways of presenting yourself – resume, portfolio and things related to you which can make you bankable to perspective customers/individuals you may encounter some day.

As a personal website, WordPress can be one’s avenue of creativity – with a little help of Photoshop and Design, one can simply play with creating websites over the internet as easy as 1-2-3. It would also display your side which curriculum vitae or resume cannot present, something also your future work may take advantage of in the near future.

If you are still not convinced on why you should choose WordPress for your personal website, here are the following ways why:

 1)   Easy to Install and Customize

You do not have to familiarize yourself with HTML, PHP or any other technical jargon which you have to learn if you want to set up a website. You just install and go – you could customize based on what you want or need for your website.

 2)   A lot of themes to choose from

Since WordPress is an open-source platform, there are a lot of developers who are continuously imparting their time to create themes for use of various web and blogging enthusiasts. Whether your niche is news, events, business or shopping, there is definitely one theme that would suit you.

 3)   Allows you to make changes easily

WordPress is a platform that works as much as how you do it with your email. You simply type your post in the WordPress editor and clicks publish to see your post in no time. If you intend to delete or modify your post, there are also icons which can help you make changes to your posts easily.

 4)   Monetization Support

If you are a type of web enthusiast who would like to monetize the content then WordPress is a platform of choice. WordPress supports various moneymaking platforms like Google AdSense and other advertising sites which you can embed and take advantage of the traffic it is bringing your website.

 5)   Network of Support 

Because there are a lot of WordPress users, there is also a lot of network support for your WordPress site.

  • Tutorials – With the help of your favorite search engine, you can look for tutorials for your WordPress site.
  • Videos – There are WordPress users who would take time off to create their videos which also serve as tutorials for that novice to even the advanced users.

 6)   SEO Friendly

Yes, this is a personal blog, but even so, you would want perspective users to see you. Search engines love the structure of WordPress, though there is still a need to do SEO yourself, using WordPress would give you enough leverage to start with.

 7)   Integrate Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites through WordPress

After creating your personal website through WordPress, you can integrate your Facebook, Twitter or other social networking sites for your viewers to be able to contact you if in case they are interested in your website.

 8)   Stay Connected with your Visitors

For writers or web enthusiasts, even if it is a personal blog which they use to share their pictures, profiles or portfolio to their readers, it is still important for them that they stay connected. WordPress is a platform which allows comments and even generate buzz on your blog articles.

Choosing WordPress over Joomla and Drupal

Now that you know what to expect with WordPress as a personal website, you might want to ask what is its core differences between two of its closest CMS (Content Management System) competitors: Joomla and Drupal.

WordPress for your personal website administration has an easier way to set up than Joomla and Drupal, though all 3 of them are very useful in creating or managing easily a variety of websites. If you intend to shell out money, the yearly cost of setting up with Drupal and Joomla are higher than WordPress. Lastly, if your objective was to create a personal website minus all the intricacies, it is easier to learn how to set up WordPress.

Trying out WordPress

If you had not yet started your WordPress website, start now and build your thoughts a better marketplace for your online readers to share or even learn from.

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